Participant Conduct

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Participants are expected to conduct themselves throughout the Generations in Jazz event in an appropriate manner through language, dress, and behaviour;

  • Characterised by common sense, politeness and cooperation.
  • Treating everyone with respect, loyalty, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, and consideration.
  • Be mindful that they are ambassadors for their school as well as their State/Territory.
  • Keep personal belongings close at all times, while respecting the property of other participants, leaders and the venues.

Participants are expected to fully and actively participate in the organised activities in the spirit of the event by;

  • Wearing appropriate credentials to gain access to events and activities
  • Arriving promptly
  • Listening and complying with all lawful instructions given by Generations in Jazz team including volunteers selected by Generations in Jazz
  • Complying with emergency plans and evacuation routes appropriate to the venue and complying with all instructions provided by Generations in Jazz Team members, volunteers or venue staff.

It is the responsibility of school groups to provide the necessary ratio of staff supervision to the number students attending the event.

It is the expectation and responsibility of School Supervisors to monitor and manage the behaviour of their school party. This includes safety and risk management of their students and cooperating with requests from organisers for Supervisor intervention when necessary.

School supervisors are requested to be aware of student conduct particularly at the Concerts after a long day of travel or performance – it’s a good time to be aware of audience etiquette