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Improvisation is one of the defining elements of jazz – composing on the spot, inventing melodies and lines over a chord progression – involving imagination and creativity.

“GIJ 2022 – Improvised” is practising just that to ensure there will be an event for schools to participate – but not in the physical format 6th to 8th May.

The hybrid format is not what we were all hoping for in 2022 – and not the format that we see as the future direction for GIJ.

Given that there has not been a tangible GIJ event for 2 years, the Board is adamant there must be a GIJ experience with as many of the GIJ defining elements as possible in 2022.

The Board has deliberated long and hard before making this decision. The determining factor was the influence of the Omicron variant over the last couple of months and the impact this has had on the school term commencement time frames, plus the varying restrictions on music programs and rehearsal time frames – very different in each state and whether a government or independent school (of all persuasions).

In fairness to all, the Board felt that the timing of the event in early May put each school under extreme time constraints. To compensate for this, the decision was made to defer the scheduling of the event – which in turn opened up a whole new “can of worms “as to when it would fit in the school calendar, venue availability and many other considerations.

With all these considerations the hybrid format was created – most importantly to ensure the opportunity for school bands, vocal ensemble and jazz combos to perform and record the 2022 GIJ Set Pieces and these performances to be adjudicated with feedback by the prestigious internationally and nationally recognised jazz musicians – the composers of the Set Pieces.

Both Bob Mintzer and John Clayton have given their commitment as adjudicators for Division 1 and 2 respectively for the City of Mount Gambier National Stage Band Awards and we are optimistic that the composers of the Vocal Ensemble Awards will follow suit.

The details of the submission process etc will be forthcoming in the next 7 – 10 days so that MDs will know and understand the process, guidelines and timelines.

School’s registration / entry fee of $300.00 per band/ vocal ensemble/ small jazz combo will be the only financial requirement to participate – (plus the purchase of the Set Piece/s required)

The GIJ Gala Concert will be held on Thursday 16th June 2022 and will be live streamed to schools featuring a lineup of Guest Artists that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. This will also include the announcement of placegetters and awards ( more info to come)

The Board realises that the hybrid event will not deliver the true experience of GIJ by being there, but we are committed to delivering an event that even if you can’t be there physically the musical and emotional experience will be more than you imagine. It will still leave you feeling the “spirit of Generations.” 

The Board of Generations in Jazz